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The American Society of Ocularists (ASO) is a professional organization which was established by a group of skilled American ocularists in 1957. Their purpose was and is to promote high standards through research and education in the field of ophthalmic prosthetics. Today, the ASO maintains quality ocularistry through its formal education, training, and continuing education programs. Their website is a helpful resource for patients, doctors, and ocularists alike.

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The National Examining Board of Ocularists (NEBO) administers the certification exam for ocularists who wish to become a Board Certified Ocularist (B.C.O.). BCO'S must recertify every six years. NEBO's directors come from the following participating organizations:

  • American Academy of Ophthalmology

  • American Board for Certification of Orthotics and Prosthetics

  • American Society of Ocularists

  • Public Members

NEBO, National Examining Board of Ocularists, J. Kelley Associates, LTD

The International Children's Anophthalmia Network is a support group made up of families and professionals, and is great resource for parents to learn more about anophthalmia and/or microphthalmia. They hold an annual conference every year in different cities, which involves a free clinic, speaking sessions, and networking opportunities for families. J. Kelley Associates participated in the 2015 ICAN conference, which was held in Philadelphia, Pa.

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